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ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Peerlesspack’s extensive range of packaging products will help you to have a better brand exposure and product presentation. The main material of our packaging products is plastic, which we can combine with other materials.

Conductive Trays with ESD

We design and manufacture conductive trays for electronic boards and components.



Preservation / Protection

At peerlesspack we are experts in manufacturing plastic food trays. We offer standard models and also develop exclusive designs tailored to the requirements of your product.



Packaging for the Automotive Industry

Protection / Accuracy / Automation

We manufacture and design trays and clamshells for electronic components, metal parts, accessories, solenoid valves, coils, and other components used in the automotive industry. As well as trays suitable for automated / robotized production processes.

Packaging Design

At Peerlespack we design the packaging customized to each and every product. The designs can be developed in different kinds of materials, depending on the image that is intended to give to the product.


Packaging for the Electronics Industry

Security / Protection / Automation

We are the leader in the manufacture and design of trays and clamshells for electronic components, printed circuit boards (PCBs) made of antistatic and ESD (electrostatic discharge) plastics in Mexico. We also offer precision trays and trays for automated production processes.



Packaging for Toys / Promotional Items

Innovation / Creativity / Original Designs

We manufacture packaging items for toys and promotional items with original and innovative designs. We use non-toxic products according to the requirements and nature of each product.


Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Security / Protection / Health

At peerlesspack we offer specialized plastic packaging items for the medical and pharmaceutical industries of various materials, including PETG for use in ethylene oxide sterilization processes (EtO).


Packaging for Consumer Products

Customization / Innovation / Functionality

We manufacture different packaging items for consumer products: we develop your packaging with the most suitable features for every sales channel. We manufacture blister packs, clamshells, trays, small boxes and plastic cylinders with printing possibilities.

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