Electronics Packaging (ESD Trays)

Protective / Precision / Automation

We manufacture and design ESD trays and clamshells for electronic components:

  • Plates
  • Electrovalves
  • PBC-Printed Board Cards

We have antistatic plastic materials or esd (electrostatic discharge), which are used depending on the requirements of your product.

We are leaders in Mexico in manufacture and design of ESD trays and clamshells for electronic components.

Main Features

  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Available in black, white or transparent
  • Resistance range over 1X10 E^4 under 3.5X10 E^5 (OHMS)
  • Voltage generation <100 volts
  • Discharge time 0.1 sec
  • Compliance with the ANSI/ESD 20:20 regulation
  • Compliance with the RoHS directive 2002/95/Ce

We develop specialised custom high precision trays, even for use in automated production processes.

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