Thermoformed Trays

Do you have to exhibit or contain your products?

Thermoformed trays are used to contain products in a kind of container or for exhibition. Different kinds of plastic materials are used and the trays can be of different colors.

Whether you want to sell your product in a tray or you want the tray to exhibit your products, this is the solution.

Thermoformed trays for liquor bottles

PVC cal 30

Clamshell for make-up


Trays for automotive parts

Thermoformed tray black APET cal 20

Thermoformed trays for fragrances

Black PS cal 20

Clamshell for vaccines


Trays for credit or debit cards

Thermoformed tray PVC

Thermoformed tray for chocolates


Tray for creams & fragrances

Thermoformed tray PET cal 20

Tray for product exhibition

Thermoformed tray blue PS 0.060″

Tray for exhibition of 16 products

Thermoformed tray RPET calibre 20

Thermoformed tray for cookies

PET cal 15

Thermoformed trays for chocolates


Thermoformed trays for fragrances

PET cal 20

Thermformed tray for garlics


Clamshell for food

Fruits / Vegetables APET

Tray for exhibition of 9 products

Thermoformed tray PET cal 20

Thermoformed tray for candies


Interested in Thermoformed Trays for your products?

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